All about Joseph Charles Learmonth Duffy

Joseph Charles Learmonth Duffy growth is due to an awareness of the need for professionalism not only in the provision of full and accurate business profile presentations, but also by creating an experienced team of advisors who bring to the company and the clients they serve, a high level of expertise in analysing the businesses they offer for sale.

In our endeavour for  excellence, we continually source specific data; seek to be educated by our peers and professional bodies both locally, interstate and internationally. Whether retail, service, wholesale or manufacturing industry – it is our desire to be abreast of current market forces.

Joseph Charles Learmonth Duffy has achieved its impressive growth over recent times through our company philosophy which is summarised by our motto, Success by Helping Others to Succeed. The intention behind that phrase applies to staff, associates and clientele alike, as it is our fervent desire that everyone with whom we are in contact as a result of our business activities should benefit from association with us. We endeavour at all times to employ sound management practices and to provide the best possible service to the company’s clients.

The  Company’s clients are sourced through extensive media advertising, J.C.L.D. ‘s quarterly newsletter to banks and professional houses such as  accountants and to our existing and extensive client base which covers all the major traders with whom we have been associated over the years.

Business Profile Presentation

At Joseph Charles Learmonth Duffy we endeavour to represent each Vendor’s business in the most  professional and efficient manner. The utmost attention is given to presentation – gathering vital and comprehensive data in which all factors theat impact on the business are presented in the best possible ‘light’.

Extensive Client Base

Over many years in business marketing we have formulated a substantial client base of business contacts, accountants and other professional persons. From this client base we qualify those who would be best suited to your business and to whom initial introductions would be made. This process may take up to fourteen days to complete.

Promotional Agenda

Newspaper promotion would commence either immediately preceding the completion of the ‘profile’ or , after the examination of our client base. The exact type of advertising to be used will be decided with the vendor once an authority to act on his behalf has been granted.

Joseph Charles Learmonth Duffy produces a quarterly newsletter which informs our client base as to market trends, factors affecting business and sales made in the last quarter. In addition, an extensive  supplement of our businesses for sale is included – from which many enquiries are received and further sales made.

Joseph Charles Learmonth Duffy hold regular in-house seminars covering all aspects of business as well as using this forum to source prospective purchasers.

Qualifying Prospective Purchasers

In our endeavour to provide a professional service, we ensure the prospective purchaser is well qualified in the areas of personal suitability, a degree of expertise and financial ability. This tends to allow offers, once made, to proceed to settlement without faltering. To do this, we carry out thorough discussions and investigations before any introductions are made to any business.

Keeping You Informed

At Joseph Charles Learmonth Duffy, our aim is to develop and maintain long term relationships through various business activities. To this end, we strive at all times to keep the vendor’s best interest to the fore and to keep ‘our Vendors’ well informed on a regular basis in respect of the sale of the business.